lunes, 2 de septiembre de 2013

EL CANT DELS OCELLS vs. "A Yiddishe Mamme",

The first 9 syllables (beats)  from the  popular catalan song EL CANT DELS OCELLS are identical to the the traditional "A Yiddishe Mamme", "The Jewish Mother", it's remarcable that together with the catalan National Anthem (Cant dels segadors), we reach a duo of important traditional Catalan songs, which have a common root with traditional Jewish songs.

Pau Casals interpreting "El cant dels ocells"  at the White house...

Itzhak Perlman performing "A Yiddishe Mamme" with his violin..

Spanish anthem vs. Catalan anthem

Note as well that... the Catalan anthem

it's much related to a Jewish  religious song...

...while the Spanish anthem that
it's strongly connected to a song from Al-Andalus

Spanish anthem (guitar version)

Anyone with two ounces of common sense will know the reason..

We may not forget that Jews were around the actual Catalonia from the days of the Phoenicians through the Roman empire, so were established there for centuries with their own idiosincracy so it is normal that they made some great contribution to the catalan culture. Furthermore, the direct ancestors of the royal Catalan family were Jewish. The grand-grandfather of Wilfred the Hairy was the exilarch Habibai Ben Natronai of Babylon, important but unknown fact from the history Catalonia .
A beautiful jewish-ladine song